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Accelerate Development of Regional Aviation and Enhance China's Aviation Accessibility (Special Issue No 38, 2015)


By Li Jianwei, Research Team on "Development Strategy for China's Small-and-medium-sized Cities' Accessibility and Regional Aviation", Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report Special Issue No 38, 2015 (Total NO 1441)


Since the turn of the new century, China's civil aviation has developed rapidly, ranking among the world's large civil aviation countries with its strategic importance becoming increasingly prominent in economic and social development. However, there remain a series of problems such as inadequate capability to serve economic and social progress, insufficient connectivity between trunk lines and feeder lines; stagnant regional aviation development and impotent corporate competitiveness. Evaluation analysis shows that China's regional aviation remains undeveloped and huge disparities exist between small and medium-sized cities in terms of accessibility, and that inadequate supply capability is the main factor restraining regional aviation development. Regional aviation is highly significant for achieving productive factor flow on a larger scale, promoting regional coordinated development, improving urbanization quality and ensuring equal right to travel among citizens. It is necessary in the future to set the goal of establishing a hub-and-spoke aviation network featuring connecting flights between trunk and feeder lines and to accelerate China's regional aviation development by loosening regulation and control and increasing policy support.