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Long Guoqiang


Long Guoqiang

Vice President, Development Research Center of the State Council, PRC

Born in Shaoyang, Hunan province, in 1966, he graduated from Peking University in 1998 and got Bachelor’s Degree in Science (1987), Master’s Degree in management science (1992), and Doctorate in economics (1998). He attended a training course (Ford) on modern economics jointly sponsored by China and the U.S. at Renmin University, a financial planning course run by IMF and a Tsinghua-Harward Training Program in Public Administration. From 1987 to 1993, he worked at Peking University’s Urban and Regional Science Department as a teaching assistant, lecturer and assistant department chairman. From 1993 to 2013, he worked in Foreign Economic Relations Research Department as Deputy Chief and Chief of Re- search Division, Deputy Director and Director of the Department. He was a visiting research fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Northeast Asia Policy Studies, in the U.S. from 1998 to 1999. Concurrently, he is tutor of PhD candidates and Research Fellow at the University of International Business and Economics, Peking University, Beijing Institute of Technology, and the China Executive Leadership Academy in Yanan. He is Vice President of the China Association for International Economic Cooperation, Director of China Association of International Trade and China Society for WTO Studies, and Vice Chairman of World Economic Forum’s Committee for Global Trade Agenda 2009.

From January of 2015 on, he is Vice President of DRC and member of Leading Party Member’s Group of DRC.

He has long been engaged in research on China’s foreign economic policy, and written a number of papers on major policy issues concerning foreign trade, cross-border investment, international economic cooperation, special economic zones, and regional economic cooperation. His research field also covers macroeconomics, industrial policy, auto industry and grain economy. At a meeting of the Politburo of Party Central Committee in 2007, he made a lecture on Increased Opening-up and Maintaining National Economic Security. He enjoys government special allowance and was awarded First Prize for excel- lent research findings in philosophy and social sciences.