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Stephen Perry


Stephen Perry

Chairman of the 48 Group Club, UK

The 48 Group has championed trade and investment with China since 1952, and, more recently, has focused on helping corporate leaders and policy makers understand Chinese policies and their impacts and the choices that are thereby offered up.

Stephen Perry has been writing about the Silk Roads since 1992, but only in its current comprehensive from since President Xi first enunciated the One Road One Belt in 2013. The 48 Group considers this to be the most significant global development of our era and lays the foundations for win-win cooperation between Asia, Europe and the USA.

Stephen Perry has been Chairman of London Export Corporation for over 30 years and during that time concluded over $2billion of business with China, mainly with the West, and several Joint Ventures in China and outside including the USA and Africa.

Key corporate members of the 48 group such as Linklaters and KPMG play a vital role in enabling the 48 group to sharpen its global under- standings, and to play a major role in explaining the Silk Roads

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