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Actively Cultivate Self-Disciplined Mass Organizations and Promote Society's Self-Organization and Self-Management Level (No 166, 2015)


By Shan Dasheng, Party Committee of DRC, & Lin Xiaoning, Labor Union of DRC

Research Report No 166, 2015 (Total 4851)


Society's self-organization and self-management is a main way of modern social governance. Since the launch of reform and opening-up, China has gradually shifted its unit-based way of social governance. With the establishment of new social organizations, social vigor has been greatly stimulated. However, as China's social self-governance is not adequate and the masses' self-organizing behaviors are inactive, the growth of newly-emerging social organizations face a number of problems and is difficult to adapt properly to the new requirements of government function transformation and social governance. In face of such new circumstances, special efforts must be made to enhance society's function of self-governance. First of all, in order to promote the full development of social organizations, it is suggested to focus on cultivating self-disciplined mass organizations to drive the overall level of society's self-organization and self-management. To achieve this, it is advised to speed up the transformation of government functions such as relying on units to actively cultivate interest-oriented mass organizations, relying on communities to cultivate mass organizations targeting living service, sports and entertainment, community affairs so as to fully bring into play the cultivating and guiding roles of grassroots organizations and strengthen the self-performance of mass organizations.