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Policy Options on Accelerating Multi-field Application of China's Remotely Sensed Data (No 164, 2015)


By Zhang Yongwei, Enterprise Research Institute, Xu Wei, Department of Macroeconomic Research & Shi Guang,General Office, DRC

Research Report No 164, 2015 (Total 4849)


Remotely sensed satellite data are government-led crucial public resources, with immense research and commercial values. China's remote sensing satellite now faces many obstacles in managerial systems, data disclosure, and commercialization and application of achievements. Remote sensing satellites are mainly applied in territory, mineral resources, meteorology, environment and other fields, while the application in fields requiring further data processing develops slowly and value of remotely sensed data is not fully displayed in commercial use and macro-economic policy-making. To fully unleash economic and social benefits of remote sensing satellites, it is necessary to further focus on application, base our efforts on major demand in national economic and social development, innovate systems and mechanisms, strengthen departmental coordination, improve managerial system for remote sensing satellites, ease the access to remote sensing data , conduct categorized management of users, optimize data distribution mechanism, encourage private capital to invest in the remote sensing application sector, and intensify guidance for remote sensing application from the demand side.