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Adjustment in Liquor Industry Shows Initial Effects, and Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Need Policy Innovation (No 173, 2015)


By Wang Qing, Research Team on "Adjustment and Transformation of Liquor Industry", Research Institute of Market Economy of DRC

Research Report No 173, 2015 (Total 4858)


After the throes of profound demand and market adjustments from 2013 to 2014, adjustments in liquor industry have shown initial effects. Growth of the entire industry and market performance generally remain stable and show signs of picking up. Transformation and innovation of enterprise products, organizations, channels, and commercial patterns have clearly sped up, which contribute greatly to a stabilized market. However, research findings show that the transformation of liquor industry still faces some specific difficulties and obstacles relating to institutions and policies, and may even impede or check the transformation and innovation of the liquor industry. Prominent problems include the positioning of industry nature, the creation of a business environment for fair competition, inappropriate designing of some taxation mechanisms, and the sluggish construction of relevant law and regulation system. Policy options for future development are as follows: future transformation should be based on industrial specific requirements; industrial, taxation and circulation policy measures should be adjusted in light of local conditions and keep up with the times so as to provide a good transformational basis and innovation environment for the adjustment as well as continued and healthy growth of the liquor industry.