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Protected Agriculture of the Netherlands, Japan, and Israel: Experience and Policy Options


By Chen Chunliang, Research Department of Rural Economy of DRC Research Report No.189, 2015 (Total 4874) 2015-12-10


In face of adverse conditions such as limited per-capita cultivated land resources and aging agricultural labor force, the Netherlands, Japan, and Israel have sped up the development of modern protected agriculture characterized by protected horticultural techniques including glasshouses, plant factories, and micro drip-irrigation through strengthened policy support, science and technology support, industry support, and converging interests. This is a new approach for them to get rid of unfavorable production conditions and achieve sustained growth. It injects new vigor into promoting quality, raising efficiency, and realizing intensive and effective development of agriculture and opens up a realistic path for resource-poor regions to develop competitive modern agriculture. In the light of the developmental experience of protected agriculture of the Netherlands, Japan, and Israel, policy options should include the following aspects: promote the equality and raise the efficiency of China’s protected agriculture, further enhance science and technology support, and improve and upgrade financial supporting services.

Key words: protected agriculture, experience, the Netherlands, Japan, Israel