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Strategy for Upgrading the Competitiveness of Emerging Powers (No.197, 2015)


By Long Guoqiang, DRC

Research Report [No.197 (Total 4882), 2015] 2015-12-31

Abstract: In the course of economic globalization, there are winners and losers. The question of winning or losing depends on the opening-up strategy and the effectiveness of its measures. To adapt to the new changes both at home and abroad, the opening-up strategy must be adjusted dynamically. The report proposes a “ternary model”: 1. The fact that China’s economy has entered the new normal requires that the opening-up strategy serve China’s innovation and structural upgrading by utilizing international resources and markets; 2. Opening-up should make full use of the new opportunities offered by the international environment to respond to the new challenges; 3. The opening-up strategy must bring into full play China’s new comparative advantages. Thus, China’s opening-up strategy in the new era should shift its focus from “earning foreign exchange through export” to upgrading the competitiveness of an emerging power”, and realize two strategic goals based on eight strategies: firstly, cultivate a favorable external environment to facilitate mutual benefit and common wins in support of China’s peaceful rise; and secondly, achieve upgrading of the international competitiveness of China’s industries so as to promote China’s status in the global value chain.

Key words: emerging powers, competitiveness, opening-up