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The Clash of Orders and Governance Reform: Views on the Management of Famers’ Flow


Zhao Shukai

With regard to the clash of social orders, the scale of floating population will definitely affect the established order of urban society. “Autonomous maintenance of social order” and “order by the management of government” are different in nature and thus unavoidably conflict with each other. Under current system, the government should not only raise the efficiency of economy but also maintain social stability. In particular, urban government should maintain a relatively higher employment rate for local register-based population. In fact, social order is a common need for various parties. From the perspective of order construction, a basic goal is to combine “autonomous order” and “management order” internally. It is found that the government can adopt completely different strategies in managing the same social public affairs. One strategy is paternalism-based management and another is multi-centered governance. A sound management order can only be formed by good cooperation of various parties. In light of equal rights and opportunities, the rights and interests of migrant farmers in urban areas are actually those of all farmers. Only by having more farmers get integrated into cities can they essentially become urban residents and can the problem of China’s farmers be solved fundamentally.


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