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Promote Technological Innovation and Enhance the Level of China's High-speed Railway Communication(Special Issues, No 72, 2015)

Feb 18,2016

By Duan Bingde & Cheng Xiusheng, Research Team on “Roadmap for the Development of China’s High-speed Railway IC Technology”, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, Special Issues, No 72, 2015 (Total NO. 1475) 2015-12-31

Abstract: Railway is the backbone of the national integrated transport system and the major artery of the national economy, among which high-speed railway is the most dynamic and promising driver, and it plays a very significant role in national economy. Facing the strong demand of bandwidth under the dramatic expansion of internet era and people’s demand for fast and convenient transportation, future high-speed wireless communication system should not only ensure the safety of train operation, but also put the passengers’ demand for high-speed access on the agenda. How to achieve the unity of railway private network and public network based on the existing communication system of railway GSM-R and the network coverage is the biggest problem facing the high-speed wireless communication. Therefore, in order to share the benefit of the reform on high-speed wireless communication, we should integrate the advantages of public network with those of private network from the aspect of technology, and more importantly strengthen the cooperation between railway system and operator from the aspect of policy. Through the analysis of current domestic high-speed rail communication technology,this report points out that the further improvement of China’s high-speed rail communication technology is facing the problem of choosing public network or private network. The increasing demand of passenger-oriented broadband data business in the future makes the emerging private network technology gradually gain the upper hand.

Key words: high-speed wireless communication technology, public network used as private network, private network used as public network