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Typical Cases of High-speed Railway IC Technology at Home and Abroad(Special Issues, No 70, 2015)


By Cheng Xiusheng, Chen Longquan & Kong Deming, Research Team on “Roadmap for the Development of China’s High-speed Railway IC Technology”, Information Center, DRC

Research Report, Special Issues, No 70, 2015 (Total NO. 1473) 2015-12-31

Abstract: The application of train’s high-speed movement makes it difficult for vehicle-ground wireless communication to reach satisfying speed and reliable access rate. Therefore, there are a great number of researches concerning transmission medium, access method, and distribution of base station, etc. both at home and abroad. Among them, Japan’s high-speed railway and China’s Taiwan high-speed railwayhave made typical pilot practices. Japan’s high-speed railwayrealized vehicle-ground wireless communication mainly through the leaky cable wireless access system, but the cable process has a high requirement, and its initial cost is too high, which is not suitable for large-scale laying. China’s Taiwan high-speed railwayuses a combination of WiMAX access and wireless transmission technology. Wireless city technology based on wireless Mesh network and WiMAX technology is also a development direction of high-speed railway wireless communications technology. With the rapid development of high-speed railway both at home and abroad, the common issue facing various countries is how to ensure the safety of train operation under the overall increase of high-speed railway wireless bandwidth access. This report enumeratesrelevant cases of existing high-speed wireless communication technology at home and abroad, in the hope of exploring a reasonable and feasible high-speed wireless broadband connection access.

Key words: wireless city, Shinkansen(also known as Bullet Train or Super Express), Taiwan high-speed railway