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New Growth Pole in Western China: Research on the Development Strategies of Yuheng New District in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province

Feb 29,2016

Liu Shijin, Vice President (Vice Minister) of DRC

In China, Yulin city is a renowned old revolutionary base area, and noted for its historic and cultural relics. It is a national energy and chemical industry base, a key national ecological environment construction region, and Shaanxi’s agricultural base with modern characteristics. In October 2008, General Secretary Hu Jintao made an inspection tour in Yulin and pointed out that the city enjoyed a sound growth momentum and should make efforts in light of the local conditions to facilitate economic and social development with relevant measures and make effective use of resources through profound transformation. He also mentioned that the city should be built into a resource conservation-based and environment-friendly one and he also highlighted the importance of improving people’s livelihood in building a harmonious society. His words shed light on Yulin’s future development. Shaanxi provincial Party committee and provincial government believed that Yulin is a region with rich resources and various kinds of industries and enterprises. It boasts the most rapid and steady economic growth across the province. They plan to make all efforts to support Yulin to develop into one of the forward-ranking cities across the province in the next 10 years. According to the plan, the city will be built into a key area with energy and chemical industry development, becoming famous both at home and abroad, a pilot area with rapid economic growth and efficient government services, a demonstration area with good interaction between comprehensive exploitation of resources and ecological environment, and a pioneer area with coordinated urban-rural development and prosperous business and city life. Yuheng new district is located next to the planned new area of Yulin city and has jurisdiction over two counties of Yuyang and Hengshan counties, three towns, and 51 administrative villages, totaling around 914 square kilometers. The governing area of Yuheng new district also includes Yulin economic development zone, Yuheng coal chemical zone, city planning zone, and rural-urban fringe zone, involving coal, chemical, food, light textile, equipment manufacturing, and service industries. It is both the core area of Yulin energy and chemical industry base and a new urban district of future Yulin city as well as the primary base for Yulin’s future reform and innovation pilot projects. The development of Yuheng new district is a long-term project bringing benefits to Yulin people, and an important pillar for constructing Yulin into a national energy and chemical industry base. Its development is a strategic step to establish Yulin district as the central city, an effective means to construct Yulin into an agricultural base with modern characteristics, and a significant action to carry out the “hundred-year strategy” for Yulin development. In order to implement General Sectary Hu Jintao’s instructions, Yulin city has accelerated the pace to develop and construct Yuheng new district. Two research teams have been formed to conduct research and planning projects for the future development of Yuheng new district, which are “Research on development strategies of Yuheng new district” and “An overall plan for Yuheng industrial district (2010-2030)”. The former research project is undertaken by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) and the latter is undertaken by the Institute of City Planning and Research of Tsinghua University (THU). This book includes major research findings of the DRC research team. The chapter on spatial arrangement fully absorbs the research results of the THU research team. This book is composed of an introduction and 12 chapters including development strategies of Yuheng new district, analysis on the current development of Yulin city and Yuheng new district, the external environment and internal conditions for Yuheng new district development as well as an overall approach for its development based on its location such as its industrial development strategies, key project designs, spatial arrangement, proper exploitation of resources, construction of ecological environment, planning on social undertaking development, financial guarantee, management pattern and relevant measures to shore up the above-mentioned projects. This book is written by members of the research team led by Prof. Liu Shijin, Vice President (Vice Minister) of DRC. With the support given by leading members of Yulin city and the management committee of Yuheng industrial district, the team members made a number of field surveys in Yulin area, held seminars and discussions on relevant issues and made several modifications of the research findings. The research team is much obliged to the leading members of Yulin city for their kind help and generous cooperation including Mr. Ai Baoquan, Vice Mayor of Yulin municipal government and Yuheng industrial district management committee and Messrs. Liu Zhenhuai, Dang Fumin, Ma Fuquan, Yang Yang, Xue Xiaojian, and Gaoyue. The research team would also like to give thanks to relevant departments, districts, towns, parks and villages in Yulin city and China Development Press for their positive support to the research. In addition, Professors Li Zuojun, Wu Zhenyu, Zhang Tongsheng, and Weiyun made much endeavour to coordinate and organize the research projects and made preliminary review of the book. The research team is indebted to everyone who has made efforts and offered support for the research, writing, and publishing of the book. Due to limited knowledge and festinate time, some mistakes and errors in this book are unavoidable. Members of the research team look forward to receiving kind comments from all readers of the book.