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China’s 2030 Energy System Revolution: Connotations and Strategic Objectives (No.198,2015)


By Guo Jiaofeng, Gao Shiji, Hong Tao, Wu Xu & Cai Shenghua Research Team on “Strategic Analysis of the 2030 Energy System Revolution”, Research Institute of Resources and Environmental Policies, DRC

Research Report [No.198 (Total No.4883), 2015] 2015-12-31

Abstract: Since reform and opening-up, China’s energy industry has made several structural reforms like lifting price control on coal, separation of power production from power transmission, and regrouping of three major oil and gas companies. Although these reforms have effectively liberated productive forces and promoted the development of China’s energy industry, there are still many problems relating to energy system. Nowadays, with the Chinese economy entering the state of new normal and swift marketization and globalization, the world is witnessing some new changes in supply and demand pattern and the international energy industry is facing a new development trend, which have made Chinese energy system issues become more complicated. Therefore, we should closely follow the strategic arrangement set out by the central government and President Xi on energy production and consumption revolution, further clarify the connotations and general requirement for energy system revolution and stick to the four fundamental principles of market-orientation, market access criterion, energy safety and beneficial to the people. We would strive to realize the five strategic objectives of a complete market system, a sound price mechanism, normative government management, effective market supervision and an adequate legal system by 2030.

Key Words: energy system revolution, connotations, strategic objectives, primary mission