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Targeted Measures for Haze Pollution Control in the Heating Season with Minimal Input(No.8, 2016)


By Zhou Hongchun, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report [No.8 (Total 4891), 2016] 2016-1-29

Abstract: In recent years, severe outbreaks of haze weather have frequently occurred in China’s heating season, which has become a general public concern. Actually, fog and haze are different matters and should be distinguished in weather forecasts. Fog is a natural weather phenomenon and a possible factor for some abrupt changes in PM2.5 density. Haze is a result of air pollution and only by controlling the pollutant emission amount can the worsening environmental quality in the heating season be reversed. We should identify the root cause, adopt targeted policy measures according to tailored conditions and avoid making investment wastes. Based on China’s development stage and resource endowments, we can take the following measures to control haze weather. First, we should focus on clean coal use and optimize the heating energy mix; second, we should take the I/M program (Inspection Maintenance Program) as the leverage and cut vehicle exhaust emissions; third, we should take the orientation of reducing overcapacities and ease the pressure on industrial emissions; fourth, we should adopt the approach of integrated pollution control and prevent pollution control facilities from emitting pollutants; and fifth, lifelong accountability system and coordinated prevention and control efforts could reduce externally transmitted impacts. With the concerted efforts of government, businesses and the public, we are looking forward to having a blue and clear sky.

Key words: haze pollution, targeted measures, the heating season, countermeasures