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Accelerate Coal Utilization by Gradation and Quality and Promote China’s Energy Production Revolution(No.9,2016)


By Li Weiming, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies of DRC & Ren Shihua, China Coal Research Institute

Research Report [No.9 (Total 4892), 2016] 2016-2-1

Abstract: Coal utilization by gradation and quality is a crucial approach to achieving clean and efficient use of coal and promoting China’s energy production revolution. In recent years, with increasing restraints induced by resources and environment, especially the frequent heavy haze weather, clean and efficient coal use has been put on top agenda of China’s energy strategy as a key task. Technological innovation including coal utilization by gradation and quality has made swift progress and achieved positive results. But generally speaking, China still remains at a low level in terms of coal utilization by gradation and quality, which is inconsistent with the overall requirements for promoting energy revolution. Relevant problems need to be resolved such as insufficient awareness of the above-mentioned fact, backward supportive systematic technologies, and inadequate industrial standards and policy support. It is suggested that relevant departments change their concepts, pay high attention to the said issue, incorporate it into China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and formulate special plans; make further efforts to make breakthroughs in key systematic technologies and related demonstration projects; launch researches on and formulate quality standards for the substitution of clean coal for coal burning by factories and residents in urban and rural areas; make specific plans for integrating the research projects into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei clean coal supply network; and improve the corresponding management mechanism and fiscal and tax supporting systems.

Key words: coal, utilization by gradation and quality, energy production revolution, special plan