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The Development and Experience of the European Emerging Logistics Clusters (No 6, 2016)


By Wang Wei, Wang Qing & Qi Yunlan, Research group on “European Logistics Hubs and Logistics Clusters”, Research Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research Report No 6, 2016 (Total NO 4889) 2016-1-27

Abstract: Since the turn of the new century, there have been a series of new changes in the logistics clusters and industrial clusters in Europe. One of the most prominent features is Saragossa, Leipzig and some other cities in less developed areas with geographical advantages have become, through swift growth, Europe's important emerging logistics clusters due to superior elements, resources and infrastructure facilities. In addition, guided by leading enterprises and with government support at all levels, these clusters have gained a momentum for rapid growth. Under the background of China's economic and social development entering the state of the new normal, the beneficial experience of the development of the European emerging logistics clusters and industrial clusters has a very important reference and inspiration to China. The major approach for the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of China’s logistics industry includes relying on the scientific development planning, paying attention to accelerating the improvement of logistics and industrial infrastructure by the government, focusing on the leading role of the large-scale flagship enterprises, and enforcing the cultivation of the logistics cluster innovation ability and technological knowhow.

Key word: logistics, clusters, policy, inspirations