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Mixed-Ownership Enterprises: Governance and Achievements


Mixed-Ownership Enterprises: Governance and Achievements

Zhang Wenkui

The book Governance and Achievements of Mixed-Ownership Enterprises gives a systematic analysis of both Chinese and foreign documents on mixed ownership. It makes an in-depth study of the reasons for the boosting development of mixed ownership in China. Based on an analytic framework of mixed-ownership enterprises, it conducts studies on enterprise governance, makes a comparative analysis on the achievements of mixed-ownership and non-mixed-ownership enterprises, and finally comes to some instructive conclusions. Through probing deeply into the factors for the rise of mixed-ownership enterprises in China, the book enumerates the present enterprise performance and features of governance and puts forward related approaches to promoting the commercialization and modernization for the governance of mixed-ownership enterprises in China. This book is a treatise on mixed-ownership with great academic profundity and policy value and can serve as a reference material for government officials, entrepreneurs and researchers.