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Urbanized Agricultural Population: Roadmap and Policy Options


Urbanized Agricultural Population: Roadmap and Policy Options

Jin Sanlin

The book The Roadmap and Policy Options for Urbanized Agricultural Population is written by Jin Sanlin. Based on the data on migrant farmer-workers worked out by the National Bureau of Statistics, the data analysis of floating population from six provinces where they migrate from conducted by the Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission in 2014, and the dynamic monitoring data on floating population, the book put forward a feasible goal and relevant policy measures to help the eligible population to move away from agriculture and become urban residents. According to the author, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period and a longer period to come, the government should focus on local transfer and local employment of rural labor force and take it as a strategic issue in promoting local employment and urbanization. By 2020, efforts should be made to increase the share of provincial employment for transferred agricultural population by 1 to 2 percentages each year, and enable rural labor force to settle down in the province without any difficulty. At the same time, the author also introduced the measures for the implementation of the above-mentioned objectives and policy recommendations. This book is divided into six chapters. Chapter 1 is the introduction. Chapter 2 is mainly about the transfer and employment of agricultural population. Chapter 3 focuses on different characteristics and influencing factors of migrant farmers. Chapter 4 is about the analysis of the expectations of migrant farmers. Chapter 5 deals with the main issues facing local urbanization of migrant farmers. Chapter 6 is about the basic roadmap and policy recommendations for the promotion of agricultural population urbanization in local province.