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Evaluation on Innovation Input Intensity of China’s Listed Manufacturing Enterprises (No 12, 2016)


By Yuan Dongming, Zhou Jianqi, Ma Shuping, Enterprise Research Institute of DRC & Liao Bo of Peking University

Research Report No 12, 2016 (Total NO 4895) 2016-2-26

Abstract: This report takes dual indicators of the corporate R&D input intensity and per capita HR capital input intensity to formulate a double-dimensional model for evaluating a company’s innovation input intensity. Through analysis of the annual reports of listed manufacturing companies, we have collected1383 businesses’ data on R&D input and per capita HR capital input over the past three years. Using the double-dimensional model, we made a type-by-type evaluation for those listed manufacturers as a whole and 15 specific sectors, based on which we figured out the innovation input intensity by each listed manufacturer and the distribution mix. The evaluation results show that in recent years, China’s listed manufacturing enterprises have made greater concern to R&D input and the overall R&D intensity has steadily risen from 2.23% in 2012 to 2.62% in 2014, but they have given far-from-enough importance to human resource input, which marks a weak link in China’s corporate innovation input. Among all listed manufacturing businesses in China, the number of those with strong input in innovation accounts for 23.1%, the number of those with high input in R&D takes up 39.3%, the number of those with high input in HR capital constitutes 11.3%, and the number of those with inadequate input in innovation makes up26.3%.

Key words: listed companies, innovation input, evaluation