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“Internet Plus” Reclamation: Fostering a New Type of Business



By Zhou Hongchun, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

On May 20th, 2015, the “Internet Plus” Era of Renewable Resources Industry Innovation and Development Forum was held, which gave a strong boost to the development of “Internet Plus renewable resources”. In China, “Internet Plus renewable resources”recycling companies could be divided into four categories. 1. The business expansion of environmental protection companies. 2. The strategic alliance between renewable resources companies and Internet recycling companies. For example, GEM is a typical case. 3.The extension from smart recycling machines to Internet recycling. For example, BeijingIncomResources Recovery RecyclingCo. Ltd. is a case in point. 4.The business development of e-commerce companies. However, “Internet Plus renewable resources” development is facing quite a few problems. 1. The dispute on waste product evaluation. In theory, the Internet could lower the communication costs for both the buyer and the seller; but in reality, evaluation disputes are quite common in waste recycling. 2.The rapid evolution of recovery mode. Buyers and sellers are misplaced. People need time to get used to “Internet Plus renewable resources”. Online recycling is developing very fast, but inventory and offline grow is lagging behind. 3. The profit model in not yet formed. Some Internet recycling companies only operate online without offline arrangements. They don’t pay adequate attention to reusing link. 4.People are concerned about information security. “Internet Plus recycling” makes people worry about their privacy when used mobile phonesare reclaimed. Recycling is the source of the renewable resources industry. “Internet Plus” operation has fostered new business modes, pointing out the direction for “Internet Plus waste products” development. 1., We should explore the development path and mode of “Internet Plus recycling”. 2.We should encourage the use of information methods like the Internet, big data, Internet of Things and public information management platform for information gathering, data analyzing, flow monitoring and optimized reverse logistics network distribution. The goal is to achieve the integration between online recycling and offline logistics. 3.We should establish new business models. 4.We should strengthen ability construction. And 5.We should improve relevant policy measures.


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