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The Formation of New Strategic Regions: Future Pillars for China’s Economic Growth


By Hou Yongzhi, Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, DRC

The Formation of New Strategic Regions: Future Pillars for China’s Economic Growth

This book illustrates six indicators including the industrialization level, urbanization progress, labor force growth, funding concentration, logistics clustering, and land value appreciation to identify the promising competitors to become new strategic regions. Besides, due to differences among the approaches to formulating these new strategic regions, it is necessary to further reform and innovate related regional policies.

This book takes the main form of special reports. An overall research framework on new strategic regions to support China’s future economic growth is given in the first part. It includes analyses of the following aspects: the new pattern of regional economy will give birth to the popping up of new strategic regions, the significance of nurturing new strategic regions, the analytic framework and indicator system for new strategic regions, typical cases for China’s established strategic regions, identification of potential strategic regions and the policy approaches to promoting China’s future development of strategic regions. The following parts put forward relevant policy options relating to the proper allocation and development of new strategic regions for China’s future economic growth, respectively from the perspectives of China’s future economic growth momentum, China’s regional economic pattern and the affecting factors, government’s position, scope of influence, role and measures in forming strategic regions in the new situations, as well as international experience in cultivating, developing and strengthening growth poles in China’s eastern, central, northwestern and southwestern regions.

Thebook is jointly written by Hou Yongzhi, Director-General of the Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy of DRC, Zhang Yongsheng and Liu Peilin, both of them are research fellows of DRC. Based on in-depth studies and analysis, they made several revisions and modifications of their research findings. Due to limited knowledge and festinate time, some mistakes and errors in the book are unavoidable. All criticisms and comments are sincerely welcome.