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Human CapitalAnalysis on China’s Movement towards a Strong Manufacturing Country(Special Issue No.14, 2016)


By Shan Dasheng, Member of the Research Team on “The Waxing and Waning of a State and the Role of Human Capital” of DRC

Research Report Special Issue No.14, 2016 (Total 1489) 2016-2-26

Abstract: To be a powerful nation in the world, China must change from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country. The foundation of this change is talents. High-quality human capital, high-efficiency education and employment mechanism are needed. Experience of strong manufacturing countries like the United States, Germany and Japan has told us that, to build a strong manufacturing country, we need constant technology accumulation. No matter how the production mode changes, we should always keep a team of highly-trained technical personnel in the manufacturing industry. We must pay great attention to vocational education and persistent education in enterprises, push for agglomeration of production elements and form a balanced stable labor-capital relationship. As regards human capital strategy towards a strong manufacturing nation, China should meet the following requirements: increase the overall level of education popularization, strive to develop vocational education, encourage industry and enterprise-run schools, optimize the allocation of research institutions, push for agglomeration of R&D, labor and capital, establish labor protection in a positive manner, stick to improving professional qualification access system and enhance on-the-job training.

Key words: human capital, strong manufacturing country, education