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A Summary of China’s Reform and Opening-up Experience Since 1978(Special Issue No.15, 2016)


By Wei Jianing, Wang Yingying, Research Department of Macro Economy of DRC & Zhao Weixin of Renmin University

Research Report Special Issue No.15, 2016 (Total 1490) 2016-2-29

Abstract: Since reform and opening-up, China’s comprehensive national power has increased sharply, attracting worldwide attention. Looking back on China’s reform practice of more than 30 years, the historical experience can be summarized into four aspects.First, ideological emancipation, the reform and opening-up and economic growth achieved positive interaction. 1. The nationwide ideological emancipation led to an all-round upsurge of reform and opening-up as well asswift economic growth. 2.The reform was made at targeted beneficiaries who in turn supported the promotion of reform. For the educated youths, the resumption of university and college entrance examination provided an opportunity for their future development. For the farmers, the familycontract responsibility system greatly raised their income level. For the state enterprise employees, the distribution according to labor performance enhanced their working enthusiasm. For the private business owners, the government favorable policy toward private economy allowed them to become richer. Third, there was not only top-level design, but also basic-level innovation. Basic-level innovation pushed forward system reform and academic progress promoted top-level design. And fourth, thepromotion of reform with opening-up laid a solid foundation for further opening-up.

Key words:reform and opening-up, optimum circulation, basic-level innovation, top-level design