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Experience and Implications of China’s Agricultural Restructuring(No.18, 2016)


By Feng Mingliang,Research Department of Rural Economy of DRC

Research Report No.18, 2016 (Total 4901) 2016-3-10

Abstract:Since reform and opening-up,the structure of agricultural production in China has gone through profound adjustments along with the change in the internal and external conditions of agricultural production and relevant policy reforms. From the process of agricultural restructuring in the past thirty years, it can be found that there are four elements which have exerted much effect on the structure of agricultural production, namely, the building-up of market system, the priority target of the government, the improvement of infrastructure, and the increasing of production efficiency. At present, agriculture in China still faces prominent problems in the structure of agricultural products, quality structure, regional structure, and input structure, which hinder the improvement of agricultural quality and competitiveness. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period(2016-2020), China should accelerate its agricultural restructuring in accordance with the general requirements for structural reform of agricultural supply, intensify reforms and innovation in enhancing the organization level in agricultural production, improving its material and technological foundation, ensuring smooth progress in determining, registering and certifying contracted rural land-use rightsto farmers and new-type farming entities, perfecting the market system, cultivating and bringing into play comparative advantage actively, and enhancing the initiative in restructuring as well as the adaptability of farming entities.

Key Words: supply-side reform, agricultural restructuring, policy suggestion