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The Weak Links of Ecological Environment Still Deserve Special Attention(No.21, 2016)


By Zhou Hongchun, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report No.21, 2016 (Total 4904)2016-03-11

Abstract: As one of the indicators of an overall well-off society, preserving a sound ecology has become public expectation, whereas serious environmental pollution is quite beyond the expected goals of sound ecology, which has made the mission of improving the weak links in ecological environment rather formidable. To strengthen the weak links of ecological environment symbolizes the success of the supply side reform and constitutes the prerequisite for improving development quality and benefits. We should take enhancing ecological and environmental quality as the core issue, form a managerial approach, adopt more environmental measures to cool down economic boom and make due treatment to pollution which has in a way induced downward economic performance. We should improve a classified management of air, water, soil and other environmental factors, and extend our endeavor from partial environment such as garbage and noise to river basin areas as well as regional and global environment. It is necessary to follow the mainline of improving systems and formulate a modern managerial system integrating environmental evaluation plans, pollutant discharge license administration and enforcement regulation. It is also necessary to take industrial governance as the leverage and coordinate structural, technological, project-based and managerial emission reduction. It is suggested that we take social governance as the orientation and formulate a long-lasting mechanism led by the government and participated by the public with enterprises as the main entities so as to preserve the green mountains and clear waters and usher in a new era of ecological progress.

Key words: ecological environment, weak links, supply side reform, countermeasures and suggestions