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The Logic of Low-carbon Development


By Li Zuojun, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

The Logic of Low-carbon Development

This book illustrated the necessity and urgency of China’s low-carbon development and related challenges and opportunities. It explained the meaning of low-carbon development and made comments on related theories. Based on existing theories, this book developed a low-carbon development theory focusing on carbon productivity. In terms of transforming the mode of production and lifestyle, it discussed the problems facing China during the process of promoting low-carbon development and put forward the basic approach and method for promoting low-carbon development. Based on the analysis of the obstacles of low-carbon development system, this book put forward the requirement on system and mechanism innovations for low-carbon development, and provided related policy recommendation.

This book has five chapters, which illustrated the importance of low-carbon development respectively from the aspects of the necessity for China to implement low-carbon development, low-carbon development theory, transformation of mode of production and lifestyle for the promotion of low-carbon development, and the removal of system obstacles to propel low-carbon development. DR. Li Zuojun is Deputy Director-General of the Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies of DRC. His book aims to put forward some policy options relating to the establishment of low-carbon development theory and low-carbon development through the transformation of the mode of production of lifestyle. Due to limited time and knowledge, some mistakes and errors in the book are inevitable. All criticisms and comments about the book from readers are welcome.