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Regional Innovation-driven Development Strategy:System and Policy


By Lu Wei, DRC

Regional Innovation-driven Development Strategy:System and Policy

The 18th CPC National Congress pointed out that it is necessary to carry out the innovation-driven development strategy, and various regions are the fundamental carriers to implement this great strategy. Starting from the angle of regional innovation-driven transitional development, this book establishes an evaluation index system which serves for regional transformation and innovation-driven development. Based on the systematic evaluation of 31provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, this book analyses the innovation-driven development phase and main mode of different regions, summarizes the regional characteristics and influence factors relating to China’s regional innovation-driven development and industry transformation and upgrading, and puts forward policy options for promoting regional innovation-driven development. This book also conducts case studies on innovative development respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Wenzhou, and other national self-innovation comprehensive demonstration regions.

This books consists of three parts. Part one mainly gives a narration of the current situation and mode of regional innovation-driven transitional development. Based on the current situation of China’s regional transformation and innovative development, efforts should be made to can improve the regional innovation environment and promote regional innovation-driven transitional development. Part two mainly illustrates some typical cases of urban innovation-driven development,including the relevant system, mechanism, and policy measures for innovation-driven transitional development in Beijing, the major practices and implications of innovation-driven transitional development in Shanghai, the experience and implications of innovation-driven transitional development in Shenzhen, the regional innovation-driven transformation cases in Ningbo, and the problems and implications relating to industrial transformation and upgrading in Wenzhou. Part three mainly focuses on the development and policies of innovation demonstration areas and development areas. Through the stimulation of innovative system, mechanism, and policies in Zhongguancun area, as well as the policies implemented and development in national self-innovation demonstration area in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, the status, function, development direction and prospects of national development areas will be further promoted.

This book is co-written by Lu Wei and some other researchers of DRC. If there are any views inappropriate in this book, it is hoped that dear readers would not feel restrained to give their comments.