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Policy Options on Promoting Economic Transformation and Upgrading by Enhancing IT Application during 13th Five-Year Plan Period(No.40, 2016)


By Li Guangqian, Member of the Research Team on “China’s IT-based Industrialization in the New Era”, Information Center of DRC

Research report No.40, 2016 (Total 4923) 2016-3-30

Abstract: A new round of IT application driven by new-generation information technology is changing the existing industrial development pattern fundamentally. IT-based manufacturing industry has become a vital part of national competitiveness and international competition. In recent years, the new round of IT application has offered new driving forces for China’s economic transformation and upgrading whereas it has also brought a number of issues. In order to bring into full play the positive role of IT application in economic transformation and upgrading, efforts should be made in the following five aspects during the 13th Five-Year Plan period: enhance top-level design and identify the central position of “Internet Plus” in China’s national IT application strategy; innovate a new development mode based on “Made in China 2025” strategy and choose a new-type industrial development path with Chinese characteristics; establish a new-type market governance system and promote the healthy development of e-commerce economy; stick to the principle of developing economy through governance and support the stable and integrated development of emerging industries; and provide comprehensive support for the sound development of this new round of IT application in terms of technology, facility and institutional arrangement.

Key words: IT application, the new-generation of information technology, transformation and upgrading, the 13th Five-Year Plan