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Propel “Four Lists and One Network” Program and Improve List Management System: Zhejiang Province’s Practice on Deepening Administrative Approval System Reform(No.41, 2016)


By Long Haibo & Gong Jian, Members of the Research Team on “Effects, Problem and Countermeasure Relating to the Present Administrative Approval System Reform”, General Office of DRC

Research report No.41, 2016 (Total 4924) 2016-3-31

Abstract: In recent years, Zhejiang Province has launched the “Four Lists and One Network” program. Based on a systematic straightening out of various government departments’ powers and functions, it controls government power with power list, clarifies government duties with obligation list, removes restrictions on enterprise business with enterprise-investment negative list, and makes government income and expense open to the public with special fiscal funds management list. Achievements made through the implementation of these “four lists” are presented online through governmental administration service network. And a public service platform has been initially established, which includes administrative review and approval, convenience service for residents, the disclosure and exchange of government affairs, and supervision on efficiency of government work. This platform links up the work of the governments respectively at province, city and county levels and enables them to make multiple-level interactions. But at the same time, “Four Lists and One Network” reform still faces some difficulties and problems, mainly including: local governments have difficulties in dealing with central-level affairs; the management of specific fund management items at city and county level remains to be improved; system integration and resource-sharing of “One Network” face huge obstacles; and long-term mechanism of “Four Lists and One Network” is yet to be perfected.

Key words: administrative approval system reform, Four Lists and One Network, list management system, Zhejiang Province’s practice