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The Development Trend of Global Innovation Pattern and Its Implications(No 48, 2016)


By Ma Mingjie, Research team on “Shanghai’s Development Strategy for the Next 30 Years”, DRC

Research Report No 48, 2016 (Total NO 4931) 2016-4-11

Abstract: Great changes have taken place in global innovation pattern, which includes outstanding performances in different aspects. Nowadays the world has entered an era of high-level research and development. Economic growth has a deepening dependence on technological innovation. Global innovation and Internet have changed the past national and enterprise innovation pattern. The cross-border migration of innovation factors have presented new features. A multi-polar pattern of innovation has gradually taken shape. Emerging economies and Asian countries have become new innovation poles. Multinational companies have become upgraded from globalization of production to globalization of innovation. Looking to the future, the developed world will continue to dominate the global innovation. China will continue to play a decisive role in the pattern of global innovation. The new global innovation pattern has brought opportunities to China's introduction of high-end production elements and the integration of global innovation resources. China has achieved a relative improvement in global value chain. But the international fierce innovation competition has put forward a severe challenge to China’s innovation circumstances and related policy. It is necessary for China to promote the policy of reform and opening, to enhance innovation circumstance, and to improve efficiency of innovation system. Not only is it the demand of China’s transformation development, but also a strategic choice for dealing with world’s pattern transformation and international competition.

Key words: globalization, innovation pattern, China