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Promoting the Centralized Approval Rights and Breaking the Barriers of Isomorphic Responsibility: Local Exploration of the “Administrative Experience and Approval Authority” Reform Mode(No.42, 2016)


By Gong Jian & Long Haibo, Research Team on "Effects,Problems and Countermeasure of the New Round of Administrative Approval System Reform", General Office of DRC

Research Report No.42, 2016 (Total 4925) 2016-3-31

Abstract: The mode of "Administrative Examination and Approval Authority" is a useful attempt to promote the centralized approval rights and deepen the reform of China’s administrative approval system. This mode is quite helpful to break the barriers of isomorphic responsibility and form a new inter-governmental relation with a reasonable division of responsibilities, relatively independent administrative power and good cooperation. Taking Binhai New Area of Tianjin, Yinchuan City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and Gui’an New Area of Guizhou province as typical examples, this report mainly displays the basic situation, major practices, effects and characteristics of the construction of "administrative examination and approval authority" in different places. On the basis of that, this report summarizes the characteristics and applicability of this mode, arguing that not all the examination and approval rights are suited to be transformed to the "administrative examination and approval authority" as it might face some practical problems such as inappropriate approvals and difficulties in horizontal coordination. In general, this mode would be better compatible to new areas at national level which possess a strong desire for reform as well as less repeated examination and approval procedures at the vertical level. At the same time, system and mechanism guarantee should also be further strengthened.

Key words: administrative examination and approval authority, examination and approval rights, isomorphic responsibility,experimental areas