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Major Issues in the Formulation and Implementation of Social Relief and Assistance System(Special Issue No 17, 2016)


By Wang Liejun, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No 17, 2016 (Total NO 1492) 2016-4-25

Abstract: This report analyzes and illustrates from five aspects the major issues to be addressed in current social policy formulation and implementation. First, as for the issue of setting the goal for social relief and assistance policies, the focus is how to ease developmental poverty on the basis of easing survival-oriented poverty. Second, the issue is related to the linkage between social relief and assistance programs and between social relief and assistance programs and other social policies as well as ways for system improvement. Third, the issue is connected with the imbalance between urban and rural areas in terms of social relief and assistance, including difference in minimum living allowances standards and the eligibility for migrant population to enjoy social assistance. Fourth, the issue is about the accountability between the central and local governments in funding and management. And fifth, the issue is pertinent to the insufficiency in methods and capabilities of formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating social relief and assistance policies.

Key words: social relief and assistance, policy formulation, policy implementation, issue