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Suggestions on the Construction of an Early Infant Development Service System Aged between Zero to Three(Special Issue No. 20, 2016)


By She Yu, Research Department of Social Development, DRC Research Report Special Issue No. 20, 2016 (Total 1493) 2016-4-28

Abstract: As an essential development-oriented policy, the construction of an early infant development service system is of great significance. Based on the practice and experience both at home and abroad, it is suggested that we should stick to family-based demand as the fundamental direction and a non-profit and beneficial-to-all social system. The government should take the leading role, pool the resources in education, health, family planning and community, and encourage the participation of non-governmental entities, so as to construct a scientific early infant development service system covering both urban and rural areas through various forms. Specific policy suggestions are as follows. We should perfect laws and regulations and clear lines of responsibility between different departments; increase financial input, encourage participation of non-governmental entities, and build up a reasonable cost-sharing system; adequately integrate resources in education, health, family planning and community, and adopt a diversified service supply mode; pay special attention to the children of the migrant workers and those children who remain in rural areas while their parents move to work in urban areas in terms of early infant development service; and actively enrich the parenting public service in light of family demand.

Key words: early infant development, service system, suggestions