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Key to Streamlining Administration and Delegating Powers with Reference to Local Reforms(Special Issue No. 19, 2016)


By Zhang Liang, Research Department of Social Development of DRC & Liu Yicheng, Tianjin Development and Reform Commission

Research Report Special Issue No. 19, 2016 (Total1492) 2016-4-26

Abstract: Streamlining administration and delegating powers to lower levels are key to government reform and function transformation, and they also play an essential role for the improvement of socialist market economy and government administrative system, as well as the sustainable and healthy social and economic development. These policy options have received high concern across the country and positive measures have been made for implementation with much beneficial effects. However, there are still some issues to be addressed such as inappropriate laws and regulations, inadequate function transformation, incomplete power delegation, and low-efficiency at work. In compliance with the government mechanism reform, we should further accelerate function transformation and the formation of a scientific management system. We should strengthen legal construction and formative and ex-post regulation and make relevant evaluation on the performance of related reforms. In addition, we should promote streamlining administration and delegating powers to lower levels, combine power delegation with effective regulation and optimize services to a new high.

Key words: streamlining administration and delegating powers to lower levels, function transformation, review and approval reform, local practice, policy suggestions