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A Report on Think Tank Construction of Major Countries


Research Team on “Management System of Overseas Think Tanks”, DRC

A Report on Think Tank Construction of Major Countries

To strengthen the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics and turn DRC into a first-class think tank, this book, through a detailed study of the think tank construction experience of six developed countries and three BRICS’ countries, elaborates the overall development of international think tanks, offering a deep analysis of their system and mechanism performance, organizational forms, as well as management modes. While giving equal emphasis to both theory and practice, this book provides a number of beneficial suggestions to the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics.

This book consists of nine parts, introducing the overall development of think tanks in nine countries as well as relevant implications to China, and these countries include the United States, France, the U.K., Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Brazil and South Africa.

This book is co-written by members of a research team from the Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources of DRC, including Li Lan, Chen Guotang, Wang Lijie, Tian Linlin, Yang Hua, Song Yijia and Liu Yanling as well as members from other departments of DRC including Chen Bo, Xiao Qingwen, Wang Jicheng, Feng Wei and Zhang Hongfei. The research team is indebted to everyone who has made efforts and offered support for the research, writing, and publishing of the book. If there are any views inappropriate in this book, it is hoped that dear readers would not feel restrained to give their comments.