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Countermeasures and Suggestions on Improving the Efficiency of Local Financial Regulation(No.59, 2016)


By Chen Daofu, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report No.59, 2016 (Total 4942) 2016-5-13

Abstract: The reform of local financial regulatory system should follow the market-orientated principle. The local governments should perform their due responsibilities, but not go beyond that. Various local governments should divide their work rationally and match their responsibility with power. They should promote the reform steadily with an overall plan, transform their functions and straighten out their relationship and promote the formation of a modern financial regulation and risk prevention and response mechanism in which the central government works with the local governments with the former playing the leading role, with unified rules and regulations, clearly-defined power and responsibility as well as coordinated, efficient and sound operation. This mechanism could effectively prevent any systematic and regional financial risks and provide better services to the real economy. With regard to countermeasures, the legal basis and duty scope of local financial regulation should be made clear. Local governments should take charge of the responsibility for risk aversion and maintain regional financial stability to accelerate the unified management of local financial business, improve the legislation of local financial regulation, appropriately provide flexibility to local regulation, constantly strengthen the local financial regulation team and capacity, improve county office settings, take full advantage of the power from industry associations, promote the outsourcing of financial regulatory technology, and strengthen systematic risk management on the basis of business system to accelerate the reform of rural credit cooperatives.

Key words: local finance, effectiveness of regulation, regulatory legislation, systematic risk management