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The Management of International Talents in China: Characteristics and Suggestions(No.61, 2016)


By Liu Lihui, Member of the Research Team on "The Development Trend of China’s Opening-up Strategy after Its Economy Becomes Remarkably Strong", DRC

Research Report No.61, 2016 (Total 4944) 2016-5-17

Abstract: After China’s economic development entered the state of new normal featured by a moderate growth, the growth momentum of the economy will change from a "demographic dividend" and "local-talents dividend"-based one to a "talents dividend" and "international-talents dividend"-based one. At present, in face of the trend of allocating talent resources globally, the number of qualified personnel for international communication in China is far below the world average level. China has formed several international metropolis circles with relatively developed economy and high modernization, as well as several global advanced top-industrial clusters, with the advantage and adequate space to attract international talents to tap their potential there. In recent years, the number of international talents introduced to China has increased remarkably, and the effect of talents aggregation begins to appear. In the future, China should speed up the construction of international human resources service market, further relax the restrictions for qualified personnel to come and work in China, encourage the returnee talents to start up business and make innovation, enhance the ability of Chinese enterprises to make investment overseas and conduct cooperation with local businesses to build up their production capacity so as to promote the dividend effect brought about by international talents.

Key words: international talents, to tap the potential of qualified personnel, policy