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China’s Foreign Aid Strategy with the Support of a Remarkably Strengthened Economy(No.69, 2016)


By Xu Hongqiang, Member of the Research Team on "China’s Opening-up Strategy with the Support of a Remarkably Strengthened Economy”, DRC

Research Report No.69, 2016(Total4952) 2016-5-25

Abstract: Foreign aid is a national policy tool for conducting foreign relations. A country's foreign aid strategy is mainly determined by such factors as the willingness in providing foreign aid, the ability for rendering foreign aid, the willingness of the recipient to accept aid, and the environment relating to international aid provision. Over the past 60 years, China has made great contribution to the development of grantee countries and regions. But there are some issues to be addressed including the strategic positioning needs to be further clarified; the management mechanism, assistance fields and project management need to be adjusted and improved; and the direction of public opinion relating to foreign aid should be strengthened. As one of the world major economic powers, China is facing the new situation and tasks in foreign economic and political relations and at the same time China is also witnessing some changes in its ability and willingness in offering foreign aid, the willingness of the recipient countries and regions to accept the aid, and the environment in relation to international aid. On the basis of inheriting and upholding the fine traditions of the past practice, China should, in providing foreign aid, adjust and improve its strategic thinking, the institutional mechanism, ways for providing assistance and the direction of public opinion. It should make efforts on the research of relevant theory and the training of professional personnel, in line with the rapid development of China's economic strength and enhanced international status.

Key words: foreign aid, economic strength, strategy