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Giving Full Play to External Innovation Resources to Promote China’s Open-Oriented Innovation(No. 74, 2016)


By Shen Hengchao, Member of the Research Team on “The Development Trend of China’s Opening-up Strategy after Its Economy Becomes Remarkably Strong”, DRC

Research Report No. 74, 2016 (Total 4957) 2016-5-31

Abstract: According to the relevant literature research findings and the actual development of China, to promote the use of foreign innovative resources for the implementation the open-oriented innovation strategy, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, establish the financial market for facilitating innovation and financing, carry out the personnel policy to attract excellent innovative talents, provide the innovative service system to support the service sectors, give full play to the spillover effects of multinational corporations in China, encourage Chinese enterprises to “go global”, improve China’s innovation ability and strengthen the ability to digest and absorb the introduced technology for further innovation. At present, the policy environment relating to the open-oriented innovation strategy in China needs to be improved. It is suggested to improve the protection of the intellectual property rights based on the demand of innovative enterprises, widen the channels to facilitate the innovative financing, improve the talents evaluation and motivation mechanism, enhance the attractiveness to outstanding innovative talents, cultivate innovative service agents, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological results. By strengthening cooperation and facilitating the talents communication, we need to give full play to the spillover effects of multinational companies in China, increase the investment in basic research through multi-channels, promote the innovative ability from the source, strengthen the digestion, absorption and reinnovation of the introduced technology for better remarkable effects.

Key word: opening-up policy, open-oriented innovation, external innovation resources