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Policy Options on Speeding Up the Integration Between Financial Capital and Cultural Industry(No. 77, 2016)


By Xu Pengcheng, Member of Asset Management Office, DRC

Research Report No. 77, 2016 (Total 4960) 2016-6-3

Abstract: Boosting the development of cultural industry is not only related to the issue whether the targets set forth in the 13th Five-Year Plan can be realized, but also determines whether the supply-side reform can be promoted smoothly. However, due to the inadequate integration between the cultural industry and financial capital, the financing difficulty in cultural industry has seriously restricted its rapid development. In order to address this issue, it is necessary to solve the financial problems and strengthen the weak links in financial sector. In this report, it is recommended to improve the diversified investment from various sources for cultural industry by improving the capital market, to break the bottlenecks curbing the integration between cultural industry and financial capital by active financial innovation, to create a healthy financial environment by cultivating the innovation ability of enterprises, and to leverage the government’s role through increasing financial input. In addition, we should improve the preferential tax policy in cultural industry, promote the competitiveness of enterprises, strengthen the construction of trading system for cultural property rights, improve the pricing mechanism of cultural property, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and create a favorable environment for development so as to accelerate the integration between financial capital and cultural industry.

Key words: cultural industry, financial capital, policy