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Active Promotion of Clean Production Technology is Key to Effectively Curb Pesticide Contamination(No 29, 2016)


By Wang Hui, Almanac of China's Economy, Zhang Zhixiang & Cao Fengzhong, Environment and Economic Policy Research Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection

Research Report No 29, 2016 (Total NO 4912) 2016-3-23

Abstract: Pesticide contamination is an important source of agricultural non-point pollution and a tough problem for China’s environmental protection. There are several problems like long-term unreasonable utilization and overuse of pesticide, high toxicity and excessive residues, which not only badly damage ecological environment, but also go against modern agricultural development and food safety. Inadequate application of clean production technology is a significant reason for serious pesticide contamination. The major obstacles include unreasonable pesticide market structure, insufficient enterprise innovation drivers and improper supporting policies for the promotion of new technology application. We should adopt a comprehensive approach toward controlling pesticide pollution in terms of supply and demand. We should effectively promote clean production technology in pesticide and curb pesticide pollution through enforcing environmental law, speeding up the elimination of backward technology, establishing pesticide technology innovation fund, and enhancing the promotion, integration and restructuring of pesticide industry and market structure optimization and the establishment of reasonable and harmonious social environment with social support.

Key words: clean production technology, pesticide contamination control, green production