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A Proper Balance between Social Insurance and Commercial Insurance(No. 92, 2016)


By Feng Wenmeng, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report No. 92, 2016 (Total 4975) 2016-07-14

Abstract: This report sorts out the basic development pattern of social insurance and commercial insurance around the world, and analyzes the current situation, problems and challenges facing the development of social insurance and commercial insurance in China. Based on that, the report puts forward some policy options for promoting the coordinated development of social insurance and commercial insurance in the future. The research findings show that although the Chinese government has promulgated a number of policy measures to enhance the development of commercial insurance, social insurance still plays the dominant role, and the role of commercial insurance is not yet given full play. In terms of commercial insurance, health insurance has made some progress while endowment insurance lags far behind. The establishment of insurance pattern in the future requires social insurance and commercial insurance to serve as two pillars and the residents’ ability to guard against risks should be improved and their social security level should be raised. The basic principle to be followed is to build a social security system with different levels. With regard to basic social security, the predominant role of social insurance should be guaranteed and the complementary function of commercial insurance should be brought into full play. As for high level social security, commercial insurance should play the primary role and efforts should be made to encourage its full development.

Key words: social insurance, commercial insurance, insurance pattern