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Innovation Directional Movement Index Shows That Business Innovation Has Ushered in a Vital Period(No.102, 2016)


——Special Research Report of the Growth and Development of Chinese entrepreneurs

By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report No.102, 2016 (Total 4985) 2016-08-08

Abstract: A total of 2,526 questionnaires have been received from enterprise operators. The questionnaire survey results show that the average score of innovation directional movement index (IDMI) is 54.95, indicating that Chinese enterprises have entered a vital period for making innovations. The overall performance of IDMI implies that Chinese enterprises have a relatively strong innovation potential, and their willingness to make innovation input is quite high. However, due to the restrictions of external innovation environment and limited strategic level, the innovation effect brought by relevant input is yet to be increased. Therefore, entrepreneurs should make efforts to improve their innovation-based concept through appropriate measures and stimulate sustainable innovation driving forces stemming from internal elements and teamwork and push forward the transformation and upgrading of enterprises by innovation through various channels. In addition, relevant authorities should thoroughly apply the innovation philosophy of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and foster a relaxed external environment, such as institutional, cultural and financial environment so as to boost the development of innovation driving forces. In the course of innovation-oriented development, people may experience success or failure, but whatever the result might be, they should be given encouragement.

Key words: innovation directional movement index (IDMI), entrepreneur, questionnaire survey