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Land Use Management after China’s Economic Development Entered a State of New Normal:Problems and Countermeasures (No. 104, 2016)


By Zhang Liang, Research Department of Social Development & Cheng Yu, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report No. 104, 2016 (Total 4987) 2016-8-10

Abstract: The 13th Five-Year Plan will witness a crucial period for China’s economic transition. It is urgent for us to boost the transformation of land development mode and guide the optimization of land structure and function through land use management with reinforced constraints, scientific planning and overall management. But the current supply and demand as well as the management of land in China are facing some challenges such as inadequate institutional incentives for farmland protection, the market segmentation for urban and rural construction projects, and the sluggish planning relating to development demand. Therefore, it is recommended that the government should establish a compensation system for cultivated land and ecological protection to enhance the protection incentives and realize the ecological asset value. The relevant government departments should strengthen the management of land use in a scientific and precise manner, and give full play to the guiding and restraining role of growth mode transformation, structure adjustment and layout improvement. Efforts should be made to support the redevelopment and recycle mode innovation of inefficient land; make good use of construction land at hand so as to tap potential and increase benefits; and make comprehensive management for urban and rural construction land to ensure a smooth unification of urban and rural markets.

Key words: land management, the new normal, protection, development