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Development Trend and Strategic Focus of China’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)(No.110, 2016)


By Zong Fangyu, Research Team on “China’s Opening-up Strategy with Increased National Economic Power”, DRC

Research Report No.110, 2016 (Total 4993) 2016-8-24

Abstract: In the wake of the integration of China’s economy with the world economy, China’s economic development has entered a state of “new normal”. China’s FDI is experiencing a golden period of development, which will provide a sustained momentum for China’s economic growth and enhance China’s international influence and its capacity in allocating resources globally. After the international financial crisis, the external environment and internal conditions of China’s FDI have undergone profound changes and China’s FDI is now facing some new opportunities and challenges. In the future, China’s FDI will take on new patterns and characteristics in terms of size, industrial structure, and investment patterns and entities. The scale of FDI will grow rapidly, the industrial structure will be adjusted significantly and overseas mergers and acquisitions will maintain a swift growth. Strengthening industrial agglomeration and industrial chain cooperation will become an important investment pattern, and private enterprises will be the major entities of foreign investment. China should clarify its main goals, ways, and strategic focus of the development of its FDI, and seize the opportunity to enhance its international competitiveness in making foreign investment.

Key words: foreign direct investment, development trend, strategic focus