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Firmly Establish and Thoroughly Implement the New Concept of Development



By Zhang Junkuo, DRC

The Fifth Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee put forward the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, which is a concentrated expression of the understanding of the underlying laws of development by the CPC Central Committee headed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. It is of great significance in guiding the nation to resolve challenging problems in development, enhancing development driving forces and promoting development advantages. Some points should be followed in order to firmly establish and thoroughly implement the new concept of development.

One, the substantial principles of the concept should be precisely grasped. We need to combine the theoretical study with our research work and properly understand the new concept of development could provide a guarantee for the implementation of the policy decisions made by CPC Central Committee in an appropriate manner.

Two, we need to address issues from a systematic and overall perspective. The different aspects contained in the new concept of development are all inter-connected and should be treated as an integrated whole. Emphasis is laid respectively on each aspect, but these aspects are all inter-connected with each other and promote the progress of each other.

Three, we need to grasp the key issues. In face of different problems in economic, social, cultural and environmental sectors, we need to address the key ones which are most prominent, urgent and widely-connected so that we could use the experience gained from one aspect to promote the work in other aspects.

Four, the key in addressing problems lies in deepening reform. The key to the implementation of the new concept of development is establishing a sound institutional mechanism by deepening reform, and the major issue is to properly handle the relations between the government and market, and allow the market to play a decisive role in resource allocation and in the meantime the role of the government should be brought into full play.

Five, we need to establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanism. On the one hand, we need to improve the performance evaluation system, enhance weighted indicators relating to technical advancement, ecological conservation, environmental governance and social stability. On the other hand, we need to encourage government employees to make innovations in light of local conditions, and play a leading role in economic development in the new normal.


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