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The Upgrading of the Competitiveness of China’s Footwear Industry under the Backdrop of Global Industrial Relocation(No.123, 2016)


By Guo Wei, General Office of DRC & Sun Li, Jilin University

Research Report No.123, 2016 (Total 5006) 2016-9-12

Abstract: The rapid rise of China’s footwear industry in the late 20th century has enabled China to become the world’s biggest footwear producer and exporter, which is inseparable from the integration with international industrial relocation. Under the influence of the industry’s own production characteristics, the new round of the footwear industry relocation is underway, which is determined by market rules. The current round of industrial relocation has provided an opportunity for the upgrading of the competitiveness of China’s footwear industry. The enterprises’ outward relocation has not resulted in the hollowing out of domestic industry or has caused a significant impact on exports. On the contrary, it is conducive to industrial restructuring, leading to a new balance of production both at home and abroad. In the future, the government needs to enhance the competitiveness of the industry from the following four aspects. 1. Leading enterprises need to play a leading role and accelerate the technological transformation of the industry. 2. The government needs to actively improve the construction of industrial clusters, and lead the footwear industry to make relocation orderly to inland areas. 3. The government needs to pay attention to brand building of the industry and cultivate high-end brands. 4. It is suggested that efforts be made to adapt to the “Internet Plus” trend and promote industrial upgrading though innovation.

Key words: industrial relocation, footwear industry, competitiveness, Internet Plus