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The Pilot Practice of Private Banks in China: Problems and Policy Options(No. 127, 2016)


By Wang Gang, Chen Ning & Bo Yan, Research Team on “The Steady Development and Effective Supervision of China's New-type Private Banks"

Research Report No. 127, 2016 (Total 5010) 2016-9-19

Abstract: Promoting the qualified private capital to establish small and medium-sized banks according to law is an important measure to ensure the financial sector to render service to the real economy more efficiently, and deepen the reform of the financial system. Facts show that those private banks that have made pilot practice have made positive progress in exploring a differentiated business model and innovating financial products, the corporate governance has been put into operation and the regulatory framework has been initially established. But under the background of the economic development in the new normal and the transformation and development of banking industry, the development of private banks is not as expected, because of the strict limits in establishing networks, opening accounts, and conducting liability business, as well as the imperfect internal governance, and the improper regulatory system during and after the related projects. It is suggested that according to the principle of "relaxing the prior access control and strengthening the prudential supervision during and after the related projects", efforts should be made to fulfill the requirements set out in the government work report of this year relating to "developing private banks", make timely assessment and continuous improvement of the present policy framework, and create a more relaxed development environment for private banks while ensuring that financial risks will not go beyond the bottom line.

Key words: private banks, present performance, problems, policy options