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An Analysis of the Basic Performance of China’s Listed Banks in 2015(No. 128, 2016)


By Wang Gang & Chen Ning, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report No. 128, 2016 (Total 5011)2016-9-20

Abstract: At present, China's economy is experiencing a critical period of decelerated growth, structural adjustment and the replacement of driving forces. The economic and financial environment is becoming increasingly complex, and the banking sector is facing more and more pressure for operation and risk control. This paper, by analyzing the annual reports of 26 listed banks in China in 2015, it reveals the main problems and challenges faced by the listed banks respectively from the perspective of asset-to-liability ratios and structure, income and earnings structure and risk resistance ability. It points out that apart from bad loans, the banking sector is facing the potential risks of credit assets relating to special-mentioned loans ratio, overdue loans balance and ratio, the growth rate of overdue loans, overdue performing loans ratio, and overdue credit period and structure. At the same time, it analyzes the positive measures taken by listed banks such as adjusting the business model, promoting the reform of multidivisional structure (M-form) and the reform of subsidiary system and accelerating the development of Internet banking. For future development, the banking sector needs to deepen reform, strengthen risk control, take positive moves to transform operation mode, ease the downward pressure on performance and asset quality so as to achieve a sustainable development.

Key words: listed banks, financial data, institutional reform, analysis