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The Practice of Human Resources Allocation Relating to China’s Government Payrolls(No. 129, 2016)


By Zhang Wei, General Office of DRC

Research Report No. 129, 2016 (Total 5012) 2016-9-21

Abstract: Since the establishment of new China, the allocation of human resources of China's government payrolls has focused on the reform of "personnel, finance and job posts". In recent years, the number of government payrolls has shown a negative growth, with the number of reduced personnel outpacing that of increased personnel, which has a positive significance on the effective ease of public financial burden, and the smooth flow of human resources. But there also remain some problems including high aggregate expenditure, heavy government spending, low expenditure efficiency, lack of human resources input, low level of income or inadequate payment for labor value, the limited scale of services and the mismatch with the public demand as well as distribution imbalance which have obstructed the transformation of government functions. It is suggested that efforts be made to further strengthen the public fiscal balance ability, improve human resources investment level, deepen the reform of government employee system, improve the human resource investment returns, promote the reform of the income distribution system, invigorate the incentive mechanism of human resources, promote the transformation of government functions, and optimize the human resources supply and demand balance.

Key words: government payrolls, human resources allocation, reform, practice